9 Must-Have Tools For Bloggers (Not Having These Will Cost You Money)

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Choosing the right tools for your blog is like hiring the right people to help you run your business.

Not only they help you grow your blog but also save you a lot of time by practically doing all the work by themselves.

Let me ask you something, why did you start your blog?

To spend countless hours pouring your sweat & blood into your blog just like a normal 9-5 job?


To share your voice with the world, doing minimum possible work and making money along the same time?

You and I both know the answer!

That’s why it’s very important to invest in the right tools. Each month I invest in atleast 2-3 new tools & resources that I know will save me a lot of time and help me in growing my blog + business.

That’s why I want to share my favorite 9 must-have tools for bloggers and not having these tools will cost you both money & time.


Siteground is more of a service than a tool but I still chose to include it in this post.

It is one of the most popular and highly recommended web hosting services among bloggers. (Even I use them for all my websites!)

They are extremely fast, super secure, reliable, and have top-notch customer support. They help you with almost everything related to your website and not just your web hosting problems.

Not going with a good host can not only affect your website’s speed & security but you also lose a lot of visitors (and money!).

When it comes to talking about the most recommended tools for bloggers, you can’t forget to add Siteground to that list.


What’s the point of getting thousands of visitors to your blog if you are not capturing them or converting them into returning visitors?

Most successful blogs have more returning traffic than fresh or new traffic.

And that’s where email marketing comes into play.

ConvertKit is an email marketing tool that is specifically created for bloggers & content creators.

Most of the top bloggers & content creators use ConvertKit for building & managing their email list.

Having an email list gives you immense power. You can drive traffic to your blog, promote affiliate products or market your own products & services.

Plus, if you sign-up through my link you get a 30-day FREE ConvertKit trial (rather than the normal 14-day trial!).

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Divi by Elegant Themes

First impression is the last impression!

You must have heard that statement countless times throughout your whole life.

This is true for your blog as well.

Your blog needs to make a great impression on your first time visitors otherwise there are chances that they might not return to your blog at all.

Divi is a highly popular WordPress theme that helps you design gorgeous websites without messing with a single line of code.

It has a drag & drop visual page builder which makes creating websites so easy. And they look so stunning that it would just wow your readers.

I use Divi theme for my websites as well and I don’t think that I’m ever gonna switch themes again.

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If you want your blog posts to rank in Google then you need to do proper keyword research.

Keysearch is a great keyword research tool that is not only affordable but also beginner-friendly.

It is used by many bloggers and does a great job at finding quality keywords for ranking.

Remember, Not all of your blog posts are meant to be keyword or SEO optimized. Make sure that you write some posts keeping your readers in mind as well.


If we’re talking about the must-have tools for bloggers and we don’t include SEMrush into that list, we’re not doing justice to this awesome tool.

It is a full package content analysis or SEO tool.

Want to do keyword research? Wanna keep a track of your competitors? Content research?

SEMrush has a solution for almost everything.

But keep in mind that SEMrush can be slightly expensive if you’re just starting out and don’t have a consistent flow of income from your blog yet.


Pinterest is a major source of traffic for many bloggers (if it’s not working for you, you should check out this awesome course).

But with it’s algorithm updates, Pinterest now asks bloggers & creators to constantly create fresh pins.

And it’s not possible for most of us who manage multiple blogs and have other things to do.

That’s where Tailwind comes handy!

It is a Pinterest scheduler & manager and helps you schedule bulk fresh pins at a time. It also has advanced analytics that can help you figure out which type of pins are performing really well.

It is one of those tools for bloggers that saves you a lot of time and you can use that time to do better things in life.

Remember, Tailwind doesn’t grow your traffic or Pinterest. It saves you time by letting you schedule pins in bulk.


Planning to sell something on your blog? eBook? Printables? Templates?

Gumroad is an awesome solution for that.

It’s neat, simple, very easy to use, has an inbuilt affiliate program and even has a forever free plan.

What else could you ask for?

All of my digital products are sold through Gumroad as well.

Social Mako

You probably haven’t heard of this tool yet because it’s not that popular.

But let me tell you that Social Mako is one of the best & most affordable social media management tools out there.

I have been using it for months now and it so easy to use and saves me a lot of time.

Since most of my audience is from the west, it’s hard to keep up with their time schedules and hence scheduling social media content in advance helps me a lot.

You can post on Instagram, Facebook (pages + groups), Twitter, Linkedin and they are planning to add other platforms as well.

Social Mako also has an evergreen feature which means it will automatically post your content after an interval of time (you can set this up manually).

I got a lifetime deal for this awesome tool for just $49 and you can grab the lifetime deal from here as well (limited time deal).


Not adding Canva to the list of must-have tools for bloggers would be an absolute shame.

Being a blogger means that you have to design your own graphics (most of the times!) like features images, Pin graphics, social media graphics etc.

And Canva makes it so easy to design stuff that I can’t really imagine my life without this one tool.

Final Words

As I said that choosing the right tools will not only save you time but also make you a lot of money by building your brand and increasing your visitors.

So, invest in these tools and see how your blog grows over time.

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What is your most favorite tool as a below? Comment below.

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9 must-have tools for bloggers

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