5 Surprisingly Easy Ways to Increase Your Blog Visitors

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If you’ve ever created a blog before, then you know that the saying, “build it and they will come” just isn’t true.

In fact, the reason why you landed on this page is that you’re struggling to get more visitors to your blog. Isn’t it?

Although increasing your blog traffic is considered to be quite a complex process or a set of processes, it doesn’t have to be that complicated.

For example, SEO!

For a beginner blogger, ranking higher in search engines to get decent organic traffic and increase your blog visitors is quite difficult.

Same goes for Pinterest as well. Nowadays, they have made it quite hard for bloggers to drive traffic to their blog.

And getting blog visitors with social media is nearly useless if you don’t have a huge following. This is a huge problem that many bloggers face.

So, how do you drive traffic to your blog if you’re just starting out?

Here’s how you can get more people interested in your blog and increase your blog visitors by following these five tips…

Offer good, quality, & share-worthy content

By “good” content, I mean you should blog about topics that your audience wants to know/learn about and share.

The more share-worthy content you create the more your readers will share them and the more visitors will come to your blog.

To find out what type of content they want to read and share, try these steps:

  • Find out what types of information products they’re already buying – then write blog posts on the same topic.
  • Use a keyword tool (like Google’s Keyword Planner Tool) to find out what topics people in your niche are looking for.
  • Drop by niche forums and other blogs to see which topics are generating the most views and discussion.
  • Survey your readers to find out what they want.

This is the easiest way to increase your blog visitors: Create good, quality, & share-worthy content.

Update your blog frequently.

Sometimes people start a blog, post a flurry of articles, and then abandon the blog for months at a time.

If you allow dated posts, then your visitors aren’t likely to come back again if they notice that you don’t update regularly.

What you need to do is commit to posting to your blog at least once a week.

If you don’t want to be chained to your blog like this, then create the content ahead of time and automatically “drip” it to your readers.

Or, hire a ghostwriter to both create the content and post it.

Point is, you need to post often to keep your blog from looking like a deserted island.

Update your blog frequently if you want to increase your blog visitors over time.

Create regular features.

Here’s a great way to turn a one-time visitor into a repeat visitor.

Specifically, by creating “regular features” and multi-part blog posts that your visitors can look forward to.

Example: Maybe you create a seven-part article about how to make money with pay per click marketing. And maybe you space it out so that you’re posting one or two articles per week. You can bet that your readers will return at least once a week just to finish reading the series.

Another way to increase your blog visitors is by creating a regular feature, such as a “tip of the week” feature or even a “questions from our readers” feature.

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Write about hot/controversial topics.

One way to get a surge of traffic and increase your blog visitors is by writing about hot or even controversial topics.

You can include relevant keywords and index your blog post in Google search console to make sure that those who are searching for the hot topic see your post.

Another way to leverage a hot topic is by joining in on the blogosphere conversation.

Simply find a popular blog discussing a hot topic, and use trackback to add your response.

Get someone influential to endorse your blog.

Finally, you can get others to visit your blog by first getting someone influential in your niche to endorse you (and your blog).

You can do this indirectly, such as by offering to be a guest author on the other person’s blog.

Or you can create join venture and ask your partners to directly endorse you on their blogs and in their newsletters (and you’ll return the favor).

Remember, you need to build a relationship with those people first.

It’s free advertising. But it’s also extremely powerful because you’re using social proof to increase your readership.

Final Words

You just discovered five proven ways to increase your blog visitors – and to get them to visit your blog again! Your next step is to take action.

Starting today, apply these tips… and then keep an eye on your traffic stats! But don’t get obsessed with it though.

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5 surprisingly easy ways to increase your blog visitors

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